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  • Plato


    Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher who founded the Academy of Athens. He introduced the Theory of Forms and the Allegory of the Cave, shaping Western thought. His works, including “The Republic,” continue to influence philosophy, politics, and education. Discover more about Plato’s profound legacy.

  • Who Created God?

    Who Created God?

    The question “Who created God?” has been a central point of theological, philosophical, and metaphysical discussions for centuries. Here are some insights from various perspectives: Theological Perspectives Christianity: Most Christians believe that God is eternal and uncreated. According to Christian theology, God exists outside of time and space, and therefore, the concept of creation does…

  • Stoicism


    Today I stumbled on the topic of Stoicism and decided to read up on it, thanks to ChatGPT. Here is what I learned. Stoicism, an ancient Greek philosophy, has seen a resurgence in modern times due to its practical approach to dealing with life’s challenges. Founded in Athens by Zeno of Citium in the early…